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“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work” – Vince Lombardi


Product Lines Represented


Why We Do This…

Dave Ayotte & Associates, LLC offers a straight forward, no curveball approach to pricing. Our goal is to provide our customers with greater value from different equipment categories by offering multiple, high-quality product lines at discounted rates.      

BUNDLE your equipment request to SAVE even more.

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All American Scoreboards  |

Since 1934,  All American Scoreboards has been providing innovative and top-quality scoring equipment to athletic facilities of all sizes, from Little Leagues to the Major Leagues. True to our name, our products are proudly manufactured in the USA with the highest quality components.

Sideline Interactive Video Displays/Scoreboards & Scorer's Tables  |

Sideline Interactive is the LEADING manufacturer of scoring tables with seamless picture, the brightest images and offering LIFETIME SUPPORT with SOFTWARE UPDATES.  Sizes range from 6 feet to 60 feet!



Resilite Sports Products  |

Classic, LiteWeight, DigiPrint Wrestling Mats & Wall Padding: The leading manufacturer of wrestling mats since 1959. Take your lightweight TAPE-FREE mats & wall padding from ordinary to extraordinary with Resilite’s innovative high definition printing.



DRAPER Gym & Field Facilities Equipment  |

Since 1902, Draper has been supplying endless options for gym equipment from standard to customized. Match your needs from the simplest to the more complex.

Trigon Sports International  |

Trigon Sports Int’l. provides high-quality sports equipment & athletic training equipment for high school, collegiate & professional sports programs including baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, track & field!


Hadar Athletic  |

Manufacturer of unique & durable sporting goods for football, exercise, track & field, and volleyball.  Hadar spends more time per product to make sure every piece is exactly how a coach would want it,  minimizing injuries and promoting longevity in athletes.


Olympus Lockers & Storage Products |

High-quality products shouldn't cost a fortune.  Olympus is driven to provide the safest and most durable lockers and storage units.  Our design flexibility ensures we're able to provide a solution to virtually any need.

TW Promotions Mat Storage Solutions  |

Maximize your storage with Mat Baskets, Racks & Transportation

NGE Inc. / Mat Hoist  |

If space is a problem, LIFT your mats to new heights providing extra gym floor space & mat protection.

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