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"DO YOUR JOB!" - Bill Belichick

One size, shape, or price point doesn’t fit all. You won’t get squeezed into only one choice that may not be best for you. Representing a variety of athletic facilities equipment lines, we match YOU with the perfect fit for YOUR facilities needs.


Our experienced technicians provide services from selecting ideal product location to partial or full installation. When all is complete, we supply training on your new equipment to ensure a seamless transition.

Some of those services include:

  • Excavation

  • Concrete Footings

  • Structural Supports

  • Product Assembly

  • Mounting Equipment to
    Structures, Walls, & Ceilings

  • Connecting to Electrical
    Power & Solar

  • Training


We represent only topnotch quality products, however, sometimes even the best products experience glitches or wear & tear.
Most manufacturers provide “Parts Only” multi-year warranties. Dave Ayotte & Associates includes a 3 YEAR ONSITE LABOR WARRANTY on any equipment that we fully install.


Your athletic facilities equipment should look as great as it functions. We can assist with a wide selection of color choices,
artistic designs, lettering and logos. Most companies we represent have in-house graphics departments. Dave Ayotte & Associates, LLC also contracts with graphic artists for more complex designs to ensure that the final product will be deserving

of a five-star rating.

Resilite Wall Padding Jared.JPG
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